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    Nepal is an important destination to the lovers of Mountain Biking. Nepal has different geographical features to explore starting from flat lands of Terai to the terraced hillside farms and the vertical landscape towards the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. We invite you to join us to our biking adventures and discover yourselves on the worlds of great wonders, from light and simple biking to the ultimate challenge of winding routes along the mountain ranges towards the higher Himalayas.

    Through Mountain Biking you can explore the Kathmandu valley along-with the monuments of ancient Durbar Squares (Old Palaces), temple complexes including Hindu temples and Buddha Monasteries, and surrounded lifestyles of local villages of the valley. We offer different packages of tremendous way to see the most exotic sights of the Kingdom such as ancient trade routes, rural village lifestyles with their preserved and the friendly smiles which will be long-lasting and cherished for a lifetime, typical Nepalese cultures, different types of flora and fauna and of course the panoramic views of different Mountains including the Mt. Everest, the top of the world. Our tours tale you through the middle hills of Nepal as well as the southern Terai plains and the Northern Annapurna including the peaceful routes around Pokhara. In brief, it is a perfect and rewarding way of enjoying the topography and close feel of the countryside.

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