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Monviso treks & expedition is a friendly Trekking and expedition company based in the kingdom of Nepal. It was formed by the groups of Sherpa family operating Trekking & Hiking in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan tour. The holidays are designed so that all the guests get personal attention, with no more than a maximum of twenty people in a Trekking group. Although originally from Nepal, we had spent a lifetime Trekking, expedition, peak climbing, hiking.

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, The Kingdom of Nepal is a country of enchanting grandeur, sustaining rich diversity in ecology, ethnicity, culture and religion. With to its south, east and western borders, and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to its northern border,

Nepal has always remained an independent country. With an area of 147,181 sq. km, Nepal is the home of the highest mountain on Earth and boasts of vast lowland jungles, rushing rivers and 330 million Gods and Goddesses.

It is a place where deities mingle with mortals and strange legends form the fabric of everyday life. The variation in elevation rises from near sea level to the highest point in the world. Red Panda Trek now invites you to enjoy and cherish this mystic Kingdom of Nepal and the Himalayan countries of Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim and Ladhak (India).

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